Our Purpose

The fair food forager app is the only product covering all elements of sustainable practice within the food industry. There is no other tool generating a business reason to include sustainability with a comparable user experience in a broad range of markets. 

Within a few clicks you can choose to support a business that deserves your money. A business chosen by your peers as making a real effort to care for our planet by reducing their impact. After recognising a food venue for its current efforts, we aim to assist further and together create a sustainable food system. 

Paul Hellier Photography also available, are images by a passionate environmentalist, writer, entrepreneur and surfer who has for many years been working in the environmental sector, restoring natural areas, planting trees, rescuing wildlife and cleaning beaches voluntarily. 

As in the above cases, Paul’s photography highlights the beauty and wonder of the natural world and helps build hope and motivation to help us act for the planet by helping us notice and grow our appreciation of it.